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Ontario Province within Canada. Français : Sit...

Ontario Province within Canada. Français : Situation de la province d'Ontario au Canada. ---- Español: Provincia de Ontario en Canadá. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi there,

We’ve searched the internet for fun places kids can go in Ontario and found many interesting places, over fourteen hundred, to be exact. Since our goal is to help all kids find fun places in and out of their neighbourhoods, we’ve written a brief description about each of them, including location and contact information.

If you are one of these places, to see all of your listings, you can search for your name on the search page of our website.  (For best results, follow the search tips on that page.)   Please let us know if there are errors and we will correct them. If you would like to be more visible, visit our advertising page and see what we offer.

Even though we just went live, we are Alexa’s highest-ranking parent directory website for finding fun places to take your children in Ontario. We’re working hard to be the best and intend to stay the best, so please let us know what YOU think!

Hi, parents, we welcome your comments also, tell us what you think!  Or subscribe to our parents newsletter through the box at the top right corner of this page.


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President, Where Kids Go

coat of arms of Ontario Crest: Upon a wreath o...

coat of arms of Ontario Crest: Upon a wreath of the colours a bear passant Sable Escutcheon: Vert, a sprig of three maple leaves slipped Or, on a chief argent a cross gules. Supporters: On the dexter side a moose and on the sinister side a deer, both proper. Motto: UT INCEPIT FIDELIS SIC PERMANET (Loyal she began, loyal she remains) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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