About Where Kids Go in Ontario to Have Fun

Message from the President

If you’re new to the website, have a quick read through this “about” page. I explain why you’ll find stuff in here for YOU, not just for kids. You’ll see what you have to look forward to when you use the website and you’ll learn a quick search tip. Have fun!


Our vision is to see every child in every neighborhood going places where they have fun.

We want to see small businesses not just stay in business, but prosper.

We want you to find information fast, to discover new places, and to act on that healthy desire of exploring and experiencing what these businesses have to offer.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create ways that allow our vision to become reality. We begin with the creation of a website that is content rich and user-friendly.

The worth of a business should not be assumed by the quantity of its advertising. For this reason, we will continue to seek businesses that can be included in our website and add their information free of charge. The goal is to expose all of the hidden gems right in your own neighborhood and across the province.

Another way we do that is to make it easy and fast for you to find these businesses and their information. This requires thinking out of the box plus some plain old common sense. So you’ll find a combination of handy tools and features that you wish every website would have, but doesn’t.

The directory:  Who is it for and how do you use it?

Turns out, the directory is for everyone! As a parent, I really wanted ONE place where I could go and find activities and fun places for my child. So I put everything “fun for kids” that I could think of into the website: Attractions, camps, clubs, lessons/classes, parties, festivals and schools. Yes, schools should be fun! So to help, I also included a category “for schools”, showing where they and their school councils can go for new ideas, programs, venues and resources.

As I searched for places where kids could go to have fun, I realized that many of these places had activities everyone could enjoy, so I added keywords that let you know of those places.

More commonly of course we are included in things meant for the general public like festivals, performances, farmer’s markets etc. Then there are things like Mom & Tot, Mommy and Me and Daddy and Me. Thankfully, it’s nice to know there are many seniors programs too so we needn’t feel left out as we age. Also not to be left out are babies, for there are prenatal, post-natal, Baby & Me and programs starting at age “0”.  Lastly, teenagers needn’t fret that they are forgotten. There are many programs, lessons, camps and clubs specifically for them and no one else. So really, this website is for everyone! There are fun things for kids to do and fun things we all can do. Everyone should have some fun!

There is an amazing variety of interesting activities to choose from. (That’s a good thing considering how demanding some of us have become.)  And when trying to find something cool to do is suddenly made fast and easy, you can get out, get active and have fun more quickly! You win, your kids win and the businesses win.

We are lucky that we can benefit from the fruits of our very multi-cultural society. With that in mind, I felt it mandatory that a language translator be available within the website so that everyone has the same opportunity to explore its content. Simply click on the flag of the county hosting your preferred language and the content instantly changes enabling you to read in that language.

Having read through hundreds of websites, I am keenly aware of the importance of being able to find information easily. We trust you’ll find using our website is fast, easy and fun. In fact, I think you’ll like spending time on this website, not because you need to, but because it IS fast, easy and fun to see everything that’s out there.

There are two ways to find things quickly.  One way is to go to the search page and do a Google SiteSearch.  The more fun way, however, is to do what I call “Power Browsing”.  Go to one of the 42 subcategories that interests you then do a page-search on a keyword in  that subcategory.  To do the page-search, select Ctrl – f (find), type in a keyword then hit enter.  Every time you hit enter after that, the curser will jump to the next finding of that keyword.  You will be amazed at the number of businesses that offer services related to that keyword.  Hints.  For keyword ideas, look through the first few listings and find a keyword you like. To stop the search (find), just click anywhere on the page.

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