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Ontario Province within Canada. Français : Situation de la province d'Ontario au Canada. ---- Español: Provincia de Ontario en Canadá. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi there,

We’ve searched the internet for fun places kids can go in Ontario and found many interesting places, over fourteen hundred, to be exact. Since our goal is to help all kids find fun places in and out of their neighbourhoods, we’ve written a brief description about each of them, including location and contact information.

If you are one of these places, to see all of your listings, you can search for your name on the search page of our website.  (For best results, follow the search tips on that page.)   Please let us know if there are errors and we will correct them. If you would like to be more visible, visit our advertising page and see what we offer.

Even though we just went live, we are Alexa’s highest-ranking parent directory website for finding fun places to take your children in Ontario. We’re working hard to be the best and intend to stay the best, so please let us know what YOU think!

Hi, parents, we welcome your comments also, tell us what you think!  Or subscribe to our parents newsletter through the box at the top right corner of this page.


Elena Pospiech
President, Where Kids Go

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coat of arms of Ontario Crest: Upon a wreath of the colours a bear passant Sable Escutcheon: Vert, a sprig of three maple leaves slipped Or, on a chief argent a cross gules. Supporters: On the dexter side a moose and on the sinister side a deer, both proper. Motto: UT INCEPIT FIDELIS SIC PERMANET (Loyal she began, loyal she remains) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Hello Parents,

 We’ve discovered a great website for analyzing your diet and the diets of your kids to help you make better choices, more healthy choices, regarding the food we eat. 

The site is NutritionData.

On this site, we can:

  • compare foods to see which is healthier
  • calculate daily needs based on height, weight, lifestyle, sex and age
  • create a profile and use it to calculate a variety of useful information
  • analyze your nutrition through really useful images.

I’ve started using it and recommend it highly to you.


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Hello again,

We’ve been busy creating a Facebook page for Where Kids Go. You can now find us at The Directory of Where Kids Go in Ontario. Please visit there and (hopefully :) ) “like” us.

From time to time, if we come across a great deal, we will let you know about it here.   As you may know, Amazon sometimes has more than one price for the same item, be sure to click on their links to new and used items to get the full range of pricing available.

And for parents:

Hello all, our long-awaited launch date has arrived.

Thanks to all who have visited prior to today.   Your visits have helped raise our Alexa rating to a global rank of 525,354, a Canadian rank of 5,118 and a Toronto rank of 936.  We appreciate your visits.

Still, most of you  :)  haven’t visited yet.  If you need to find places to take your kids in Ontario, Canada, I urge you to visit and tell us what you think.

Hello everyone,

The long-awaited day is near. On June 11, 2011, Where Kids Go is officially open to the public. (If you visit before then, pardon the mess as we prepare for opening day.)

If you are a parent with kids, or know someone who is, visit us and tell all your friends and neighbours.

See you soon.

This note is a call to action for all businesses in Ontario that deliver services to “kids”. We are creating a comprehensive directory of Where Kids Go in Ontario to have fun and enjoy the recreational and learning opportunities you are offering. When you see our products and compare our rates to those of our competitors, we believe you will want to advertise in this new venture as an economical way to let kids know where you are and what you can offer them. If you need assistance in your Internet Marketing efforts, our services are excellent and our rates are extremely reasonable.

The Where Kids Go directory has 8 categories that relate to fun things kids like to do: Attractions, Camps, Classes/Lessons, Clubs/Leagues, Festivals, Parties, Academic Schools and a category directed at schools. Many businesses are multi-faceted and provide products or services that apply to more than one of these categories. Where Kids Go is all about exposure so we encourage you to advertise in as many categories as pertain to your business so consumers can find you.


For now, however, our Call to Action is to tell us what you think by submitting the form below.

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